Premium WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for premium WP plugins? WordPress already allows you to do a handful of things, thanks to its versatile CMS system that allows for great flexibility. To extend this versatility, however, comes the plugin. A plugin is a software package or a simple script that gives your page more functionality – even greater than what WordPress developers originally intended for their site to have. The WordPress CMS offers you all you need for creating pages, posts and editing code, but only commercial WordPress plugins can make your page more dynamic by giving it more capabilities, from affiliate link managers, to shopping pages, to smart links, and autobloggers. Premium WP plugins from WP Webshop offer you plugins that are built with better functionality, so you can rest assured that you only get the highest quality plugins from a trusted company.
Premium WordPress plugins from WP Webshop come in a huge variety. Dozens of plugins are available that are just waiting to be attached to your WordPress. Are you interested in affiliate marketing? WP Webshop offers you a variety of plugins that can make your affiliate managing a success. Are you looking forward to gaining success in Amazon or eBay? A handful of WP Webshops plugins are dedicated to giving you keyword rich shopping pages that will urge people to purchase! Does your site needs traffic? Commercial WP plugins from WP Webshop come in Autobloggers, SEO plugins, Review site helpers and much, much more! Other plug-in variations include membership plugins, eCommerce plugins, and coupon plugins, among others. Checkout the categories below, we are trying to add every premium WordPress plugin available, if you missing one please let us know.

WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate Link Manager plugin for WordPress
Affiliate Link Manager
The Affiliate Link Manager plugin allows you to automatically convert specific keywords from your blog posts and pages into your affiliate links. It also cloaks the affiliate link and gives it a prettier and shorter alias.

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Regular Price: $27

OIO publisher, WordPress Ad Manager Plugin
OIO publisher
OIO publisher is an ad manager that focuses on maximising your revenue, saving you time, and keeping you in complete control of your ad space. This PHP ad management script AND WordPress Plugin can be used to sell and serve ads on any website.

Discount: $10 coupon + $5 cashback
Regular Price: $47

Pretty Link Pro, WordPress Affiliate Plugin
Pretty Link Pro
Pretty Link Pro is more than a mere Affiliate Link Cloaker or URL shortener, it allows you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your site with testing, see the results of your campaigns immediately, virally spread your links and by being able to replicate your sites-including all your affiliate links within minutes.

Discount: 20% coupon + 20% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $37

WordPress Affiliate Platform
WordPress Affiliate Platform
The WordPress Affiliate Platform is an easy to use WP plugin for affiliate recruitment, management and tracking that can be used on any WordPress blog/site. This plugin lets you run your own affiliate campaign/program and allows you to reward(pay commission) your affiliates for referred sales.

Discount: 15% cashback
Regular Price: $49.95

WP Affiliate Pro plugin for WordPress
WP Affiliate Pro
Instantly identify, manage & track your highest performing affiliate links over your entire WordPress blog in less time than it takes to pour a glass of Kool Aid AND make more money doing so. WP Affiliate Pro can instantly add 1,000’s of compelling affiliate links to your blogs without touching a single line of HTML code and without editing your posts.

Regular Price: $97

WordPress Amazon / eBay Plugins

CompariPress,  price comparison plugin for WordPress
CompariPress allows you to easily display products and price comparisons from multiple affiliate networks in the UK and US. Use the best price comparison plugin on the internet today to effectively monetize your WordPress Affiliate Websites with shopping deals from thousands of merchants from around the internet.

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Regular Price: starting at $7

phpBay Pro, WordPress eBay Plugin
phpBay Pro
Using the phpBay Pro plugin you can easily add targeted keyword rich based Ebay auction listings to your existing WordPress blog content and encourage visitors to buy products from your site. When a user clicks on a product and places a winning bid, you receive a commission from Ebay.

Discount: 20% coupon + 15% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $79

phpZon Pro, WordPress Amazon Plugin
phpZon Pro
Using the phpZon Pro plugin for WordPress, you can quickly add keyword rich product lists, with or without product descriptions (or a “snip” of a product description) from within the content of your WordPress pages or posts, providing instant impulse buying options to your site visitors.

Discount: 20% coupon + 15% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $79

ReviewAZON, WordPress Plugin
The ReviewAZON plugin is the most easy and simple way to add Amazon product reviews to your WordPress blog, as it automatically retrieves your keyword-targeted affiliate products and associates 100% REAL customer reviews from itself.

Discount: 10% cashback
Regular Price: $79

WP Shopping Pages, WordPress Amazon & eBay Plugin
WP Shopping Pages
With the WP Shopping Pages plugin for WordPress you are able to create content-rich shopping pages filled with Amazon products and eBay auctions related to any topic, which are a great addition to every weblog, and you will start earning affiliate commissions from both eBay and Amazon!

Discount: up to $91 coupon & 10% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $39

WordPress AutoBlogging Plugins

WP Robot
WP Robot is the most powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress. You can easily post Amazon products, eBay auctions, Youtube videos, Clickbank ads and much more to your WordPress blog automatically without lifting a single finger.

Discount: $30 coupon + $25 cashback
Regular Price: $129

WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves automatically and earn you income each month from affiliate programs.

Discount: 30% coupon
Regular Price: $149

WordPress Coupon Plugins

WP Coupon
WP Coupon turns your WordPress blog into a powerful coupon site, and allows you to create easily user-submitted coupon sites on virtually any niche – travel, books, hosting, and more! Use the plugin to run a complete affiliate coupon site, or add coupons to your existing website or blog.

Discount: 5% coupon
Regular Price: starting at $199

WordPress eCommerce Plugins

Cart66, WordPress Ecommerce Plugin
Cart 66 (formerly known as PHPurchase) is a WordPress eCommerce shopping cart plugin for selling digital and physical products on a WP store site, and is very easy to setup and customize. You can track your orders, offer discounts, customize the look of your site and many more options.

Discount: 10% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $69

WP eStore
WordPress Shopping cart plugin and complete e-Commerce solution to sell digital goods and services from your WordPress blog securely. It allows you to sell any form of digital products and services from your WordPress blog securely with complete automation.

Discount: 10% cashback
Regular Price: $49.95

WordPress Forms Plugins

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms is without a doubt the best WordPress forms plugin available yet (we use it at WPwebshop). It manages all your form needs, not only does it allow you to create, edit, and manage forms but the diversity of the plugin permits you to do much more. For more info click read more!

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Regular Price: starting at $39

WordPress Membership Plugins

aMember Pro, PHP membership script with WordPress integration
aMember Pro
aMember Professional is a flexible membership and subscription management PHP script with WordPress integration, allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site. aMember is a perfect membership software for selling digital subscriptions and downloads.

Discount: $10 coupon & 5% cashback
Regular Price: $179.95

Magic Members, membership plugin for WordPress
Magic Members
Premium WordPress Membership Plugin that turn your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site. Features are multiple membership levels, flexible membership options, unlimited coupon creation, payment integration modules, pay per post access and many more!

Discount: $45 coupon + 15% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $97

MemberWing-X, membership plugin for WordPress
Advanced WordPress membership plugin which allows quick and easy building of powerful, secure and SEO optimized professional membership portals. The plugin features infinite membership levels, unlimited members, advanced security for premium digital content and much more.

Discount: 10% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $199.95

s2Member Pro, membership plugin for WordPress
s2Member Pro
Powerful membership management system for WordPress, fully supports recurring billing with the ability to track affiliate commissions on a recurring basis. s2Member Pro adds PayPal Pro integration and a form generator, advanced user import/export tools, coupon codes, a login widget and more.

Discount: 15% coupon + 15% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $69

WordPress eMember, membership plugin for WordPress
Membership plugin that can turn your existing or new WP blog into a membership website easily. You can selectively protect articles by creating various membership levels (eg. Free, Basic, Premium, Ultimate) and protect the content (posts, pages etc) of your website.

Discount: 10% cashback
Regular Price: $49.95

WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO Smart Links plugin for WordPress
SEO Smart Links Premium
SEO Smart Links Premium is a powerful WordPress plugin which improves the overall SEO strength of your WordPress blog by automatic interlinking your blog content as well as allowing you to specify your own custom keywords to be automatically linked to any page or website.

Discount: $45 coupon + 10% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $79

wpSEO, SEO plugin for WordPress
wpSEO stands for efficient, fully-automated and affordable SEO in WordPress, the state of the art Weblog-System. WordPress SEO made easy. With more than 70 useful options you can have a perfect optimization of your website for search engines.

Regular Price: starting at $28.99

Various WordPress Plugins

Event Espresso
Event Espresso
The Event Espresso plugin is an exclusive event and attendee management plugin. It is used as an event registration framework to create customized event registrations for clients. This plugin allows you to turn your existing blog or website into a fully featured event management website.

Discount: up to $25 coupon code
Regular Price: starting at $89.95

Impact Page Builder
Impact Page Builder
Impact Page Builder is a powerful and easy to use plugin for WordPress which allows you to create an unlimited number of totally unique page templates. With the incredibly intuitive Impact Page Builder you will be able to make every single WordPress page as unique as you want it to be.

Discount: 20% coupon + 10% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $39

WP Answers plugin for WordPress
WP Answers
WP Answers is a plugin which will transform your blog into a question and answers site. Users can register to ask and answer questions posed by others. It’s a great way to foster interaction between your site members, and also includes a system that pulls questions from Yahoo Answers.

Discount: up to $50 coupon + 10% cashback
Regular Price: starting at $89

WP Auctions plugin for WordPress
WP Auctions
WP Auctions is a very easy to use premium plugin for WordPress that lets anyone with a WordPress blog or website, host auctions. Stop paying other auction services to host your auctions. Host them on your own blog, and keep 100% of your profits.

Discount: 20% coupon
Regular Price: starting at $89

WP PDF Stamper plugin for WordPress
WP PDF Stamper
Allows you to dynamically stamp a PDF file with the customer’s details (e.g. name, email etc.) upon purchase. Additionally you can password protect the stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address and encrypt the PDF files to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content.

Discount: 10% cashback
Regular Price: $39.95

WP Super Popup Pro plugin for WordPress
WP Super Popup Pro
With the WP Super Popup Pro plugin you can easily create and manage modal and unblockable popups for your blog. It is proved that normal and graphically attractive popups have an high conversion! You can use this plugin f.e. for creating subscription forms or to promote your product in a viral way.

Discount: 15% cashback
Regular Price: $39.95