25 useful WooCommerce WordPress plugins you might never heard of

Building your own WordPress webshop without using WooCommerce can be super complicated, and why bother when the WooCommerce plugin is completely free! There are numerous WooCommerce plugins and add-ons available, many of them are well known of, but there are many of them just as good, and yet you might not even know they exist.

I’m going to present 25 fabulous premium WooCommerce plugins and add-ons that aren’t among the most popular ones, but you can surely find them incredibly useful, so let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

Fancy Product DesignerFancy Product Designer requires no coding knowledge. You can turn any product into a Fancy Product very easily and add multiple views to each of them. Also, you will be able to add images and texts to each view and set various parameters such as price, color, etc. The sidebar and category designs can be easily managed with a settings tab integrated in the WooCommerce settings.

Changing the product designer’s dimensions, styles and other options and settings is available and there are over 40 options offered for changing the text and labels in your own language. Each element of each order can be saved as an image in your web server. The plugin gets fully integrated and it doesn’t create its own new menu. Managing the plugin in the existing WooCommerce and WordPress administration pages is a piece of cake.

The single site license of the Fancy Product Designer plugin is priced at $35. [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Gift CardWooCommerce Gift Card is a plugin that enables you to sell redeemable gift cards on your website. The gift cards represent actual coupon codes that are automatically generated and can be applied to any cart or product at checkout.

Gift cards can be sent to other people as well, which makes them interesting because your customer can send the gift card to anyone via email and this can be done very easily. You as the site admin will be able to set the expiry date of the gift cards, as well as the usage limit of gift vouchers. The coupon codes are sent to users only after the payment is finished.

The single site license for the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin is priced at $17. [demo / more information]

WP Affiliate PlatformWP Affiliate Platform plugin integrates with WooCommerce so the affiliate commissions get awarded automatically for the products you sell. The affiliate plugin detects the referral and tracks the click when an affiliate sends a visitor to your store.

After the visitor buys the products and finishes with the payment, this plugin detects that the sale has been referred by an affiliate so it awards the referrer with an appropriate commission. It tracks commissions for recurring payments as well. This plugin is very simple to install and use.

The WordPress Affiliate Platform plugin is priced at $49.95 (one-time fee, unlimited site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Shop SchedulerWooCommerce Shop Scheduler is a simple, yet very useful plugin that helps you setup the opening and closing time of your shop in terms of specific time and day using a customizable signage. It is quite easy to use, even for beginners.

The single site license for the WooCommerce Shop Scheduler plugin is priced at $10. [demo / more information]

WooCommerce View Order Online LinkWooCommerce View Order Online Link adds a “View Order Online” link to the customer and the store admin each time a customer places an order. Those links take both of you directly to the order online. This plugin is going to save you many hours of orders managing, as it is very simple to use and it is also very lightweight so you don’t have to worry about your website’s performance.

The WooCommerce View Order Online Link plugin is priced at $8 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Advance Order Status pluginWooCommerce Advance Order Status plugin adds a custom order status to your store. These statuses can be pre-ordered, shipped, delayed, printed, cash on delivery, etc. Each order triggers an Email notification either to the customer who placed the order or to a custom email address. You can choose a separate color for each order status so you can easily identify it on the View Orders page. This WooCommerce extension comes with its own settings page where you can manage the order statuses easily.

The single site license for the WooCommerce Advance Order Status plugin is priced at $25. [demo / more information]

Display ProductDisplay Product provides you with full control over any product display anywhere and in any form you want to. If you want to display your products in form that is out of the ordinary and it looks very interesting. You can choose between 6 build-in templates and over 8 different color variations. It is compatible with any template and thanks to a handy shortcode generator you can display the products within few seconds. The plugin is responsive ready and it fits any screen size or resolution. You can filter the displayed products and display them in any part of your website.

The Display Product plugin is priced at $16 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Free GiftWooCommerce Free Gift can be used for rewarding your customers for spending a certain amount of money in your store, which further long motivates your customer to shop at your store more frequently. You will be able to specify a product as a fixed gift or you can let your customers choose their own gifts.

The gift products can be hidden from your customer and you will be able to enable this functionality for registered users only, or for anyone. Giving a gift to one customer more than once can be disabled, and you can choose to disable the gift option for customers who shop using a coupon. A notification message about the gift can be displayed on the cart page or on any page or post using a simple shortcode.

The WooCommerce Free Gift plugin is priced at $14 (single site license). [demo / more information]

Video Product Tab WooCommerceVideo Product Tab WooCommerce enables you to add a video to any product page. An additional tab gets added to the single products page and it allows your customer to view the embedded video. Adding a video is super easy; it only takes a few clicks.

The single site license for the Video Product Tab WooCommerce plugin is priced at $13. [demo / more information]

Edit Customer User ProfileEdit Customer User Profile solves the problem of your users not being able to update their email address or username from the frontend. Once you install the plugin, it enables your customers to edit their user profile information right from their account page.

Name, last name and email can now be edited very quickly and easily. It doesn’t sync the customers info with the info from the billing address, this way your customers can easily input the desired details whoever they are buying the product for.

The Edit Customer User Profile plugin is priced at $14 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooChimpWooChimp helps you integrate your store with MailChimp in just few basic steps. Full MailChimp’s Ecommerce360 support is included with multiple mailing lists, merge tags, subscriber groups and webhooks. A signup option is also added to the checkout. The merchant’s MailChimp account gets connected to WooCommerce and instantly provides access to customer, order and product data on MailChimp.

Customer’s purchase data gets automatically gathered in order to create targeted customer segments on MailChimp. The data driven segmentation and automatic triggers enable you to send the right mails to the right customers at the right time.

The WooChimp plugin is priced at $15 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Quick Export PluginWooCommerce Quick Export Plugin can only be used with at least WordPress version 3.7, as it takes advantage of the “Date Query” option introduced with this version. This tool enables you to export all your customers and orders into a CSV file with just one click so you can analyze your web store’s activity more thoroughly. The plugin can be accessed from the WooCommerce menu, where you can find a Reports Native menu.

There are four pre-defined data sets when you export customers and you need to select at least one. Corresponding columns for the upcoming CSV file are set for each data. This tool lists automatically all available order statuses in your installation and the actual number of orders stored in the database is placed beside each status.

The single site license for the WooCommerce Quick Export plugin is priced at $13. [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Minimize Fraud PluginThe WooCommerce Minimize Fraud Plugin helps you protect yourself from online fraud on your WooCommerce website. It identifies risky orders and holds them up to be reviewed. With MixMind Telephone Verification services included verification through a telephone is automated which saves you a lot of time and money. This verification ensures you that your customers have provided a valid telephone number.

The WooCommerce Minimize Fraud plugin is priced at $15 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend PluginWooCommerce Sponsor a Friend Plugin is actually a very nice marketing plugin that transforms your customers into your own personal ambassadors. This is how it works: a customer can sponsor or refer their friends by filling in a simple form where they enter the friend’s data. An email containing a unique coupon gets sent to this friend.

You set the amount and duration of this coupon. If the person who got the coupon buys something from your store, the customer who referred them gets a reward coupon which gets sent automatically at the “Order completed” step. The reward coupon will be the same amount as the referral coupon was.

The WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend plugin is priced at $15 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Orders Page CustomiserWooCommerce Orders Page Customiser is used for customizing the backend orders page. Editing the order of columns, enabling/disabling specific columns and resizing the width of the columns is quite easy with this plugin. In case you miss the old status labels, they are implemented in this tool so you can clearly see the status of any order.

The WooCommerce Orders Page Customiser plugin is priced at $13 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce PDF InvoiceWooCommerce PDF Invoice generates invoices automatically and then sends them to your customers via email or they can download them directly from your store. The layout design looks like a professional sales document, which is very easy to customize.

You can add your own logo, company details, invoice number prefix or date format. Order details, payment instructions or any other information you find important can be displayed as well.

The single site license for the WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin is priced at $14. [demo / more information]

Woocommerce Price History/Price Drop NotificationsWoocommerce Price History/Price Drop Notifications adds history line charts to your store. Each product page gets graphs of price variations over time for each of the following price types: current, highest, lowest and average. Your users can also see the last 5 price changes. The price and availability data gets updated from your WooCommerce products. Price drop notifications are included as well and you can notify your visitors each time a price drops on any product.

The Woocommerce Price History/Price Drop Notifications plugin is priced at $14 (single site license). [demo / more information]

WC Products By Category WidgetWC Products By Category Widget is very flexible allowing you to get custom widgets to show products according to one or multiple categories on your template sidebar. It shows bestseller products, featured products, top rated products, recent products, recently viewed products, on sale products or random products by product category.

The WC Products By Category Widget plugin is priced at $12 (single site license). [demo / more information]

Facebook Commenter & Social Share for WooCommerceFacebook Commenter & Social Share for WooCommerce allows your customers to review and/or comment your products through their Facebook account. The social share integration allows you and your users to share your products on their timeline.

The single site license for the Facebook Commenter & Social Share for WooCommerce plugin is priced at $16. [demo / more information]

Sorting WooCommerce ProSorting WooCommerce Pro lets you have full control over sorting your products on your shop page and the sorting dropdown list. You can sort them by custom attributes or default elements. You can also completely override your dropdown list and add your own sorting options, or you can hide the droplist completely.

Your own custom sorting can be set as the default sorting, and the plugin provides a Mass Assign feature, which lets you assign an attribute to your products, and many great attributes are featured.

The Sorting WooCommerce Pro plugin is priced at $14 (single site license). [demo / more information]

Social Deals EngineSocial Deals Engine is an extendable plugin that allows you to use special offers and deals through limited quantity, exclusivity and price manipulation exclusively with WooCommerce. Claim this offer feature is added as well as social sharing discounts, time based offers and much more.

The single site license for the Social Deals Engine plugin is priced at $15. [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Customer Relationship ManagerWooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager helps you keep track of your customers including guests visitors so you can manage them easily and quickly reach out to all of them. You can filter customers, export contacts, send emails to multiple customers, view orders, see financial activity of each customer. Newsletter integration via MailChimp is featured as well.

The WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager plugin is priced at $18 (Single Site License). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital GoodsWooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods helps you increase your sales by providing your customers with quick checkout. They won’t have to leave their address and phone number, which is basically unnecessary for digital products purchase and many customers actually give up on the purchase because they don’t want to provide that kind of information.

The WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods plugin is priced at $5 (Single Site License). [demo / more information]

WooCommerce Volume Discount CouponsWooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons allows you to display volume discounts directly on products. These discounts get provided automatically based on the quantities of certain products in the cart. Auto-apply and normal coupons are featured and they are all pretty coming in various colors.

The single site license for the WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons plugin is priced at $20. [demo / more information]

some final words

It speaks for itself that all these plugins, addons and extensions work only if integrated with an existing WooCommerce installation. I find them to be very useful as they help you solve some problems on your web shop, and while some of them might look like minor interferences, they might actually lead you to losing many customers. Using some of these plugins to improve the efficiency of your online store would surely be an important and much appreciated investment, not only by you but by your customers as well.

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