Beginning WordPress 3

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular open source blogging and content management system, which lets you create a website to promote yourself or your business easily and quickly, and – it’s free! The WordPress CMS is a flexible, user-friendly system which can be extended with a variety of plugins and themes. The book Beginning WordPress 3 from Stephanie Leary is one of the first books about WordPress version 3.0, and it is a very complete guide for the beginning developer who wants to start using this great CMS. This book is a beginning developer guide that treats WordPress like the powerful content management system it has become. If you’re a web developer who has never used WordPress before but already understands HTML, CSS, and maybe some PHP this book is for you.

Beginning WordPress 3

You will learn how to install, configure, and customize a WordPress installation to make it the perfect CMS for your next internet project. You will learn step by step the complete development of a WordPress site, starting with creating your own content or importing it from another CMS. You’ll then learn how to create custom WordPress themes that give you complete control over your website’s appearance and it´s search engine rankings (search engine optimization). You’ll learn how to extend your WordPress blog with plugins and widgets when your needs exceed the built-in features. At last you will learn how to secure your WordPress installation to prevent hacking and how to optimize its performance.

Beginning WordPress 3 also covers two of the new big features in version 3.0 of WordPress : the integration of WordPress MU (MultiUser) into the core software, which lets you build easily numerous connected WordPress sites just from a single software installation, and custom content types, which let you take your content beyond the basic blog posts and pages.

A summary of all the things you will learn from this book :

  • How to get started with WordPress, creating new content, and how to import existing content
  • How to publish, maintain, move and secure your created WordPress sites
  • How to handle media uploads, podcasting and audio/video players like YouTube
  • How to change what appears on a home page, blog post etc.
  • How to create themes, plugins and widgets for WordPress

Below you will find the table of contents of Beginning WordPress 3, and you can check out a free sample here at WPwebshop ! Read the complete chapter 4, Working with Content, by downloading this PDF here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: About WordPress
Chapter 2: Installing and Upgrading
Chapter 3: Dashboard and Settings
Chapter 4: Working with Content
Chapter 5: Importing Content
Chapter 6: Creating a Basic Theme
Chapter 7: Creating an Advanced Theme
Chapter 8: Creating Widgets
Chapter 9: Creating Plugins
Chapter 10: Users and Roles
Chapter 11: Performance and Security
Chapter 12: Custom Content Types, Taxonomies, and Fields
Chapter 13: Setting up the Network
Appendix 1: Plugin Index
Appendix 2: Theme Functions
Appendix 3: Plugin Recipes

The code samples in the book includes several complete plugins and two themes, and all examples in this book were taken from a real existing project. The book Beginning WordPress 3 is for first-time users, developers and designers of online content, blogs, and content management systems. You can buy it safely at Amazon, for a special WPwebshop price !

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