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WP Adcenter Pro


WP Adcenter enables you controls for every aspect of running advertising space with detailed statistics. Place banners anywhere on your website create Ad-Zones and let advertisers to signup and place their banners on their own and pay with PayPal.

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AdSanity is a light and fast ad management plugin for WordPress that lets you manage the position and duration of all self-hosted and network ads on your website. It also lets you track the performance of every single ad. These handy core features are boosted by a range of useful addons.

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Advanced Ads


Advanced Ads is a plugin for the creation and management of ads on a WordPress site. It makes it easy to place, schedule, and group ads; work with different ad types; add display and user conditions; make ads mobile responsive; connect with affiliate programs; and track and report individual ad performance.

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Ad Manager


Ad Manager is a WordPress plugin that helps you develop a steady ad revenue stream by making it convenient to create and manage banner ads on your site. Features like smart targeting options, ad scheduling, user role management and detailed statistics tracking ensure that the entire process is optimized.

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Ad Changer Pro


Ad Changer Pro is a WordPress advertisement management plugin that lets you insert, group, and manage a variety of ads. It also excels in ad performance tracking. Its greatest advantage, however, is that it lets you manage ad campaigns across multiple sites while running the campaign from one server site.

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WP In Post Ads


WP In Post Ads is a WordPress plugin that makes the task of managing in post ads extremely easy. It does this by letting you play around with the position of your ads, place them around or inside content, add smart rules and monitor performance of all your ads.

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Ads Pro


Ads Pro is a professional WordPress plugin that can help you create, manage, and update ads. It is fully customizable and works with numerous templates. It has a variety of useful features that help make it easy to understand. You can control all aspects of your ads with this useful plugin. It’s a must for anyone who is serious about using the ad space available to them and can work well for digital agencies.

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WordPress Banner Rotator


WordPress Banner Rotator offers complete banner management tools and space administration. Create an unlimited (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc) as well as Flash (with clickTAG) and HTML, Javascript codes and access stats, impressions, clicks and CTR ratio data.

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Adning is a handy WordPress ad manager that helps you streamline the advertising process. By allowing you to manage advertisers, campaigns, and individual advertisements, as well as monitor statistics, this plugin provides all you need to successfully host advertisements on your website!

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