WordPress Link Cloaking plugins

Link cloaking plugins are created to help you make long affiliate links’ URLs look better on your website. We all know that displaying the full link might look messy and a bit off, so having such a handy tool that enables you to make this detail fit into your overall theme is a big plus. Although this alone is a very nice option everyone should think about, these plugins offer much more than just making your links look fancy. They can make them do many more things for you and your website.

With good WordPress link cloaking plugins you can have complete control over how your links look and redirect. Also, these plugins make any of the redirection techniques very easy to utilize, and you won’t have problems no matter which one of them you choose. You can insert your own short, catchy text in the links, and then automatically create short links for every page and post.

Some plugins allow you to automatically tweet a customizable message to as many accounts as you want once a post gets published. Being able to convert any keyword in any post on your WordPress website into an affiliate link or a tracking link for your product is a big plus, and it is going to help your website a lot. Cloaking and tracking your affiliate links is made easy and the best of it all is the possibility of always being updated on the performance of your links. Complete stats are available with most of these plugins, so you’ll know everything you ever need to know about the performance of your website.