Affiliates Enterprise vs WP Affiliate Platform comparison

Someone who has a product for sale and wishes to make those sales with the help of affiliate marketers, would need to have a look at affiliate program WordPress plugins. The purpose of these plugins is to make the whole affiliate program installation easy for everybody, regardless of how complex the whole process might seem.

Managing most affiliate program WordPress plugins is simple and can be done by newbies. Creating stable and efficient affiliate programs is usually very quick with the aid of these tools. They would enable you boost your traffic and increase your sales, and all it takes is just a few clicks and alterations.

With many of these plugins setting up your own affiliate program is a matter of minutes. Staying on top of the sales and having the ability to keep an eye on everything at any given time is essential. Nearly all premium WordPress affiliate program plugins come with a supervising system, and some of these are amazingly detailed. They give you full perception on how your affiliates are performing and you can get notified on any new sale, click or perhaps payment made through affiliate marketers.

Affiliate recruitment is likewise taken care of by affiliate program plugins, and so is affiliate commission payment. Choosing the right plugin enables you to start your own affiliate program straight away and run it very easily and smoothly even though you aren’t a pro. All you need is a great product and a reliable plugin.

Making your choice and buying the appropriate affiliate program plugin should be done determined by your individual preferences with regards to features. We have compared two affiliate program plugins in the table below: Affiliates Enterprise and WP Affiliate Platform:

  • feature available
  • feature available as addon
  • feature not available
Affiliates Enterprise WP Affiliate Platform
price $89 $49.95
user rating Not rated yet Not rated yet
licensing & support
GNU/GPL license
money back guarantee
single-site license
unlimited-site license
annual payment
lifetime license
affiliate program features
affiliate management
affiliate signup bonus
banner/link management
commission notification
conversion monitoring
coupon code assignment
different commission levels
multi-tier support
Paypal MassPay integration
performance rewards
realtime reporting
recurring commission
payment gateways
email integrations
other WordPress integrations
Contact Form 7
Formidable Forms
Gravity Forms
Ninja Forms
WishList Member
WP eCommerce
WP eStore
other external integrations
misc. features
bbPress integration
BuddyPress integration
developer integration (API)
email autoresponder
email list support
shopping cart integration
translation ready
go to the official
Affiliates Enterprise
go to the official
WP Affiliate Platform

The comparison table above reveals that out of primary features for affiliate program plugins, Affiliates Enterprise has 21, and WP Affiliate Platform has 38. Possibly not everyone wants or requires the same platform, or the same options. Different products and business plans demand different features and needs. Choose the best premium affiliate program plugin for WordPress influenced by your particular needs and purchase one that meets them.

more information about Affiliates Enterprise

As displayed in the table above, Affiliates Enterprise has 21 key features. The best option for your WordPress site could be Affiliates Enterprise because of the unique combination of features. Do you think something important is lacking? That’s for you to answer.

The plugin is available in three annual licenses: 1 site - $89, 5 sites - $159 and 25 sites - $249. All licenses entitle you to 1 year of premium support and updates, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

An image speaks a thousand words, so we’ve collected some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can get a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

When you have time, you should watch the video of Affiliates Enterprise in action because it will give you an idea that the plugin is simple to use after all. Find out if you like how the plugin is laid out, and if it looks user-friendly to you.

more information about WP Affiliate Platform

There are 38 out of our highlighted 45 key features in WP Affiliate Platform according the table above. Since it has a unique interface and tools, this can be viewed as the right option for your site for as long it's not lacking something that you would like to have. What do you think?

A one-time payment of $49.95 gets you the full license (so NO yearly renewal fees!), which you can use on as many sites as you own. You may try online demos of the plugin before purchasing and if you bundle with WP eStore, the total cost of both will be $79.95 from $99.90.

An image speaks a thousand words, so we’ve collected some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can get a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

some final words

There is a continuous development of the number and quality of affiliate program plugins every day. There's a huge number of plugins offered out there, thus this can be overwhelming for those who try to build a successful, eye-catching and profitable website.

The correct answer regarding the perfect plugin does not exist. There are various business models out there, and unique features are important for every website. Owners of websites follow their own preference. That's why we from WPwebshop are creating these comparison guides for you.

We suggest that you find out the features that are REALLY important to you, the ones that you would prefer to have, and the ones that don’t really matter to you. You can then make your choice in the most informed way possible, maximizing your chances of standing out from the crowd.

We’ve laid out the objective facts for you to think about, without trying to sway you one way or the other. The screenshots and videos we have added will provide you a good impression of how the plugins work before you will download anything.

Don’t forget to check out the plugin’s reviews to find ideas from other site owners. Remember that the chosen plugin must be compatible with your WordPress version to prevent problems later on.

Affiliates Enterprise
vs other affiliate program plugins

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