CM MicroPayments Platform vs WordPress Shopping Cart comparison

Making a simple blog into a lucrative online store is all about finding the right WordPress ecommerce plugin. These plugins come in multiple models so they offer quite a few different features, some of which you will find a great use of.

A few WordPress ecommerce plugins feature extremely extensive payment solutions, allowing you to bill any person, any time, in several ways. There are many revolutionary auction features among some of these plugins, but also mobile sales phone apps, handy shipping rate calculators, and a bunch of various automatic acquisition options your clients would definitely love.

The first thing you need to do is decide the precise kind of website you want to create. Set your prerequisites straight and look for a plugin that provides the precise features you need to accomplish your plans. Maybe you would love to focus on the creative aspect, which means you need to be able to fully customize the HTML & CSS and also adapt the appearance of everything to your specific needs. Maybe various payment options and gateways are your main concern, and you would like a plugin that provides various options in that department.

Every marketer has his or her own idea and priority options, therefore you should select a plugin that enables you to do just what you want. Luckily, there are several ecommerce plugins available for WordPress, and you can be sure there is a plugin on the market that provides that which you are looking for.

In the table below you will see a comparison of two WordPress ecommerce plugins: CM MicroPayments Platform and WordPress Shopping Cart. Take a look at how they rank and score by the amount of key features they offer.

  • feature available
  • feature available as addon
  • feature not available
CM MicroPayments Platform WordPress Shopping Cart
price $69 $45
user rating Not rated yet Not rated yet
licensing & support
free installation
money back guarantee
multi-site license
single-site license
annual payment
ecommerce features
coupon code management
customer accounts
email notifications
EU VAT ID validation
guest checkout
inventory management
offline payment methods
order management
PDF invoices
points/rewards system
product reviews
recurring payments
sell affiliate products
sell digital products
sell physical products
shipping rates calculation
shop managers
tax options
virtual wallet
wallet management
shipping methods
Australia Post
Canada Post
Dawn Wing
Echo Global Logistics
payment gateways
Amazon Pay
Cynergy Data
First Data
Google Pay
Merchant e-Solutions
PayPal Express Checkout
PayPal Payments Advanced
PayPal Payments Pro
Realex Payments
Sage Pay
Secure Trading
other WordPress integrations
Easy Digital Downloads
misc. features
developer integration (API)
multisite support
RTL support
SEO friendly
shopping cart integration
translation ready
go to the official
CM MicroPayments Platform
go to the official
WordPress Shopping Cart

As you have seen on this comparison table, there is a difference between these two plugins. When it comes to key features for this plugin category, CM MicroPayments Platform has 13 from 71, while WordPress Shopping Cart has 62. The number of covered key features doesn’t at all times mean one plugin is better than the other. Make a decision between the two as per your individual needs.

more information about CM MicroPayments Platform

So, as the table above shows, with CM MicroPayments Platform you get 13 key features. CM MicroPayments Platform’s unique mixture of features could be the best option for your WordPress site - but is it lacking something you find important? That’s for you to answer.

The plugin is available in two packages: Two sites - $69 and 5 sites - $129. Both entitle you to all core features, 1 year license and support, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Add-ons to the plugin can be bought for an additional fee of $29 for a single site.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ve gathered some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can get a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

more information about WordPress Shopping Cart

There are 62 out of our highlighted 71 key features in WordPress Shopping Cart based on the table above. Since it has a unique interface and tools, this can be viewed as the right choice for your site for as long it's not missing something that you would like to have. What is your idea about this?

The single domain package will cost you $45 and the unlimited domain package will cost you $135. Both licenses come with free installation, one year of free updates, and access to support.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ve gathered some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can get a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

...this is the video you have to watch! You will learn how WordPress Shopping Cart really works by watching it. According to what you've seen, is it easy to navigate the interface? Does desired arrangement of tools attained? Everybody’s idea of the ‘perfect’ plugin is different.

some final words

There is a continuous growth of the number and quality of eCommerce plugins each day. There is a huge number of plugins offered out there, thus this can be overwhelming for those people who try to build a successful, eye-catching and profitable site.

The correct answer regarding the perfect plugin doesn't exist. Every business model is different, and there are special features that each and every website needs. Every website owner brings his own personal preference into play. These comparison guides are designed by WPwebshop because of this.

You need to find out the features you consider REALLY important, your preferences and those that don’t make sense to you. You can make your choice in the most informed possible way after that and maximize your chances to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve laid out the objective facts for you to think about, without trying to sway you one way or the other. You can get a good impression of how the plugins perform from the screenshots and videos we have added before you commit to download anything.

Don’t forget to check out the plugin’s reviews to find ideas from other website owners. You should ensure that the plugin you select will work with your version of WordPress so that problems will be prevented along the way.

CM MicroPayments Platform
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DISCLAIMER: We don’t take any responsibility if any of the features and prices previously stated have changed, we try to regularly update this eCommerce plugins comparison.