Cart66The success of your online business can be hugely affected by the limitations of your website’s functionality. It is easy to uncover what areas of your site are limited by simply asking yourself what you can and can’t do. If there is something you wanted to do, but couldn’t find any way to perform it, then you unfortunately are limited in that aspect. When you are in the business of selling products and services on the Internet, even just one mere setback can cause significant losses to the potential of your earning revenue. Cart66 is a WordPress shopping cart plugin that promises no limitations to selling.

Whether you are selling physical, digital, services and/or subscriptions Cart66 provides an extremely easy way sell more efficiently and faster than ever before. You can sell your electronics, digital downloads, videos, music, web hosting, legal services and even collect membership fees, there is literally no limit to what you can sell. The plugin makes running an ecommerce site enjoyable and stress free and is as easy as simply inserting a product or service on any page or post in your WordPress website.

Amazon S3 is supported and integrates within the admin panel so you can deliver your digital products as well as large files like full-length videos or entire MP3 albums. PayPal integration also means that you will be processing and collecting money instantly and more safely. The coupon code feature allows you to run creative promotions on your website where you can specify a percentage or a currency value.

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