20 plugins & themes for WordPress to create a FAQ page or website

No matter what kind of a website you own, you are going to need a frequently asked questions page to avoid getting repetitive questions from your visitors. This is a page where all the important details are explained so your visitors can easily find the answers to most commonly asked questions.

There are many plugins available to help you out with your FAQ page and enable you to create one that is easy to browse through and understand. Of course, premium plugins offer full solutions for this kind of pages, but there are also free ones that can be of use in case you aren’t keen on spending money at the moment.

In case you want to create a full FAQ / knowledge based website, there are many useful themes available for this as well, and you can read more about several quality ones I’ve chosen to present in this article.

free FAQ plugins for WordPress

Let’s start off with free plugins for creating FAQ pages.

WP Awesome FAQ

WP Awesome FAQ is a plugin which uses a custom post type. It comes with accordion based jQuery UI. No special configurations are needed, and what this plugin does is allowing you to create unlimited category based FAQ items with title and description included. All you need to do is create a page for your FAQ section and update it with a shortcode. [demo / download]

WordPress FAQ

WordPress FAQ lets you create a searchable FAQ section with a button included to expand or collapse all questions. Each FAQ will have full image and HTML support and the ability of adding date and username. You will be able to create a well-designed, informative FAQ section which is also highly customizable. The entries can be categorized and this way everything looks well organized and neat, plus very easy to use for all your visitors. [demo / download]

Aspire Smart FAQ plugin

Aspire Smart FAQ plugin helps you use a combination of custom post types and taxonomies for creating a FAQ section on your WordPress website. Using your existing permalink structure, this plugin automatically creates a single post. Categories and tags can be included as well and easily added to the menu.

When it comes to features and managing your FAQ page, custom post type is included and so is custom taxonomy for tags and categories. Run-time sorting of FAQs and jQuery accordion for FAQs are featured. Various types of shortcodes for displaying your FAQ are available, and separate widgets for categories, tags and single FAQ are included also. [demo / download]

SP Faq

SP responsive wp-faq plugin features a quick and easy way of adding a responsive FAQ page, and it can be used as jQuery UI accordion. Adding, managing and displaying FAQ on your website is the main and only purpose of this plugin, and you can do this easily by adding such a page to your WordPress website.

The plugin adds a new tab to your admin menu, where you can enter the FAQ title and description items as easy as creating regular posts. Titles can be shown/hidden as you please and a thumb image can be added. The whole philosophy of this plugin is creating a new page and adding a simple shortcode to it and voila, you got your basic, easy to manage FAQ page. [demo / download]

Q and A Focus Plus FAQ

Q and A Focus Plus FAQ comes with a clean and optimized source code with minimized Javascript and CSS files for better performance. With this plugin you can create, categorize and reorder an unlimited number of FAQs. You can furthermore insert them into any page with a simple shortcode. With the help of a simple JQuery animation, questions can be shown or hidden and an option to have your questions jump into focus is featured, much like anchor links. A rating system is featured and you will be able to allow anonymous users to rate the FAQs, or you can choose to let registered users only to use this feature. Post tags are supported and you can add them to each question. [demo / download]

Arconix FAQ

Arconix FAQ lets you add FAQ items to your website easily and quickly. A shortcode is supplied for you to use and add questions to your website. JQuery toggle box lets you show/hide the FAQs that can be displayed in groups using the group taxonomy featured. [demo / download]

premium FAQ plugins for WordPress

Compared to the free plugins you’ve just read about, premium plugins often offer many more functions and useful options. They also have instant customer support and come with regular updates. Below a list of several great premium plugins for FAQ website sections.

WordPress FAQ Plugin

WordPress FAQ Plugin comes with a full-featured administration dashboard where question groups and questions can be managed. You will be able to tweak the plugin and make it fit your own needs. A sliding accordion feature is included so your users can easily browse through your FAQs. They can also search them and submit their own questions. The plugin is completely translation ready, and sells for $32.99. [demo / more information]

Fancy FAQ

Fancy FAQ presents a full frequently asked questions management plugin for WordPress. It features a custom Fancy FAQ post type and category taxonomy which is very easy to use and it will let you post FAQ sections to your website easily.

Plugin installation is very quick and easy and so is submitting questions and adding categories. After you add the questions you can show all your FAQ items on any post or page, or even in the widget area using a simple shortcode. Its responsive layout makes sure your FAQ section looks great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Fancy FAQ is priced at $15. [demo / more information]

Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ will let you create multiple FAQ pages. Accordion and list style types are supported for FAQ display. You will be able to create custom templates very easily. Setup is incredibly easy and the plugin is completely translation ready so you can adjust it and use it in your own language. Proper support is provided and all questions will be answered within 24 hours. Accordion FAQ is priced at $13. [demo / more information]

Sugar FAQs

Sugar FAQs is a full solution for creating frequently asked questions page on your WordPress website. A FAQ custom post type is supported and it can be easily used for adding these sections anywhere on your website.

The FAQs will be displayed in a neat, fancy accordion style all your visitors are going to like. All questions can be sort into topics with good organization of the questions. Furthermore, you can display each topic anywhere you want to on your website. The plugin is very flexible and it is going to fit any theme, you can even keep your theme’s default post layout if you wish to. Users will be able to submit their own questions, which creates a new FAQ with a pending review set. Admins can later on answer the question or reject it. An email notification is enabled so admins get notified whenever a new question is submitted. The price of Sugar FAQs is $12. [demo / more information]

WordPress FAQs

WordPress FAQs is simple to activate and it will let you easily create FAQ sections on your WordPress blog or website. You can create as many FAQs and groups as you wish to, and all of your items can easily be organized with the help of the drag & drop system included. Outputting your FAQs and placing them on any page or post can be done by simple placing a shortcode anywhere you want it to be. “Folding” is also enabled (click and open to close option) and optional index is included at the top of each FAQ. WordPress FAQs is priced at $12. [demo / more information]

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager offers simple activation and quick creation of nice looking FAQ sections anywhere on your website. Creating a FAQ with this plugin consists of few simple steps: activate the plugin; add your GAQ items and then display them in any post or page or even as a sidebar, using a simple shortcode.

Great sorting features are included for making this section look neat and organized. All questions can categorized and placed into topics. Users will also be able to rate them. Full CSS3 accordion is featured as well as a responsive layout. You can buy the BWL Advanced FAQ Manager plugin for $15. [demo / more information]

Clear FAQs

Clear FAQs helps you create a clean, organizes FAQ section by using the familiar WordPress interface. This way, creating these sections is as easy as creating any regular post. All FAQ items can be presented in categories with descriptions and you can store them within a custom post type. Multiple pages can be created as well, and all options can be set in custom options panel. An expand/collapse functionality is built in and so is a smooth scroll to section. You will have full control over the display of your questions, and you can also hide or show category counts. Its fluid width makes sure your FAQ fit any device. Clear FAQs is priced at $10. [demo / more information]

Responsive FAQ Accordion

Responsive FAQ Accordion is a plugin that is going to make it very easy for you to create various FAQ groups and implement them into your website. Multiple groups and questions can be created and you can get feedback from your users. Custom post type and taxonomy are included, and a simple shortcode for placing the FAQs anywhere you want to is featured. Being responsive, it fits any device perfectly. Responsive FAQ Accordion is priced at $12. [demo / more information]

WP Nested FAQs

WP Nested FAQs is a great solution for creating FAQs for a nested structure. With nested sets and shortcode included you will be able to easily add your questions on any page, and you can even add multiple FAQs on a same page. It features a MVC code structure and it is very easy to use. Buy the WP Nested FAQs plugin for $16. [demo / more information]

premium FAQ themes for WordPress

As already mentioned above, in case you don’t only want a FAQ section on your site, and you want a full FAQ based website instead, here is a list of several great themes to get you started.


iKnowledge is a responsive knowledge based WordPress theme with a clean design created so the main focus is your content. Rating system and post view counter are included so you can easily track your article performance. With a fully widgetized homepage you can control all the elements from your WP widget area. It comes with 4 color styles and it features custom page templates and custom widgets as well. A one-click framework updater is featured and you can also easily upload your logo or favicon using the logo and favicon uploader available. Your visitors can rate each of your posts and your will be able to use the theme in any language, as it is fully localized. You can buy this theme for $45. [demo | more information]

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a great solution for any knowledge-based websites, including various products and service support. The design is clean and intuitive with many useful features included, such as live search, FAQ posts, contact form, custom widgets and shortcodes. You can choose out of unlimited theme colors and when it comes to post formats, standard, video and audio formats are supported. You can add embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, and Twitter Bootstrap shortcodes are featured as well. The theme is completely responsive and translation ready, and is priced at $45. [demo | more information]


Base comes with a clean design and three pre-built styles you can choose from. It is fully responsive with Retina assets included. The theme is perfect for any kind of knowledge based websites. It features custom image, video, audio, gallery and embedded video post formats. Many custom widgets are included for displaying categories, post counts, view counts and sticky posts. A fully customizable 404 page is included and a widget area generator as well.

You will have full control over your content and many of the built in features so you can adjust the theme to fit your needs perfectly. It is responsive; therefor it is going to look great on all devices. The theme is priced at $45. [demo | more information]


TechDesk is highly customizable and it comes with 10 custom widgets, 5 widgetized areas, 5 post formats (image, audio, video, standard), unlimited homepage layouts and a bunch of useful options. It was built on Boostrap 3 which makes it very intuitive and easy to use. Live search is included as well as Ajax thumbnail rebuild. The theme is 100% responsive and retina ready so you don’t have to worry about it looking funky on mobile devices. This theme is priced at $45. [demo | more information]


KnowHow is perfect for providing a support website to your customers and it is very easy to handle. A color picker is included so you can change the way your theme looks in a click. Video post format is supported including embed and self-hosted videos. With a shortcode for flexible columns, buttons, toggles, tabs and accordions and the ability to add your own shortcodes, this theme is extremely user friendly. It features a separate FAQ page and its responsive design guarantees your website is going to be pixel perfect on any device. You can buy this theme for $45. [demo | more information]


No matter if you only want an attractive FAQ section on your blog, or you want to create an entire knowledge based website, these themes and plugins were created solely for helping you with these tasks. It is all up to you to choose between free/paid versions. The premium products offer more functionality and a better choice of options, regular updates and free customer support, but you will find the free plugins very useful as well, especially if you don’t need much more than a basic, clear FAQ section for your visitors.

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