WP In Post Ads vs Ads Pro comparison

Irrespective of the type of website you are running, managing your promotion space properly is extremely important. If not done properly, configuring your advertisements can take too much of your valuable time. The best way to handle your marketing space is through a great advertising plugin for WordPress.

Making advert management hassle-free is the key goal of all WordPress advertising plugins, regardless of how different they could be from one another. With that being said, the differences between the plugins are really big. Each of them offers its own mix of features to enable you maximize your profit as well as save time and money working on your ads.

A few advertising plugins enables you to market as well as serve ads with automated sales, and/or eliminate middleman fee. You can find options that enable you to run 3rd party networks while running your personal ads, and much more. With these tools involved, managing and marketing ad space on your site can be uncomplicated, and you can have complete control over the whole thing. Let’s not forget to point out what a help it is as soon as you stop depending on third-party sites.

PayPal integration is part of many advertising WordPress plugins, and some of them are fully automated systems, meaning your ad space gets automatically sold directly and there are no additional costs – which is something promoters really like. Multi-level pricing system is as well an option included with some advertising plugins enabling you to setup different price levels for various periods.

The best way to select the best advertising plugin for your website is by comparing a few. In the table below we’ve compared WP In Post Ads and Ads Pro:

  • feature available
  • feature available as addon
  • feature not available
WP In Post Ads Ads Pro
price $29 $57
user rating Not rated yet Not rated yet
licensing & support
GNU/GPL license
money back guarantee
multi-site license
single-site license
annual payment
lifetime license
advertising features
A/B split testing
ad rotation
AdBlock detection
automatic open/close ad
built-in statistics
capping user
device specific ads
geo targeting
hide ads for logged users
premade ad templates
responsive ads
schedule ad campaigns
sell ads
WYSIWYG ad editor
ad types
ad grids
ad visible on hover
background ads
corner peel ads
exit popup ads
floating ads
HTML / JavaScript ads
inline post ads
layered ads
popup ads
sidebar ads
slider ads
video ads
management features
ad management
ad zone management
campaign management
selling ads features
auto-approve/moderate ads
order management
set discounts
statistics for advertisers
other WordPress integrations
other external integrations
Google Analytics
Google Fonts
misc. features
bbPress integration
BuddyPress integration
email autoresponder
multisite support
RTL support
SEO friendly
translation ready
go to the official
WP In Post Ads
go to the official
Ads Pro

As demonstrated in the comparison table above, out of 45 essential features for the WordPress advertising plugin category, WP In Post Ads has 9, and Ads Pro has 42 of them. Although these are all distinguished important features for this plugin category, making your choice has to be influenced by the precise features you think would be more effective for your site.

more information about WP In Post Ads

As displayed in the table above, WP In Post Ads has 9 key features. The best choice for your WordPress site could be WP In Post Ads because of the unique combination of features. Do you think something important is lacking? You are the one who can answer that.

The plugin can be purchased for $29 for a 3-site license, with a 30-day money back guarantee. Along with narrated video tutorials, you also get 24x7 premium technical support and updates that are valid for one year.

We have collected some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots for you to get a feeling of how this plugin will appear to a user such as its design, menus, and the tools it will offer to a business owner.

more information about Ads Pro

As we’ve shown in the table above, Ads Pro has 42 out of our highlighted 45 key features. Since it has a distinctive interface and tools, this can be viewed as the best choice for your website for as long it is not lacking something that you would like to have. What's your idea about this?

You can purchase a single website license for $57. You can also purchase the extended license that allows you to use the plugin on up to 10 different websites, for $285. You’ll also get six months of free support from Scripteo, video guides, and all future updates.

We have collected some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots for you to get a feeling of how this plugin will appear to a user such as its design, menus, and the tools it will offer to a business owner.

…don’t miss this video! You must watch it to understand how Ads Pro works. According to what you've seen, is it simple to navigate the interface? Do you find the tools arranged in a manner you prefer? Everybody’s idea of the ‘perfect’ plugin is different.

some final words

There is a continuous growth of the number and quality of advertising plugins every day. There's a huge number of plugins offered out there, thus this can be overwhelming for those who try to build a successful, eye-catching and profitable site.

There is no ‘correct answer’ when it comes to the best plugin. There are different business models out there, and special features are important for every website. Owners of websites follow their own preference. That is why we from WPwebshop are creating these comparison guides for you.

You need to identify the features you consider REALLY important, your preferences and those that don’t make sense to you. You can then make your decision in the most informed way possible, maximizing your chances of standing out from the crowd.

We've given you the objective facts that you can consider, without trying to affect your decision. The screenshots and videos we've added will give you a good idea of how the plugins work before you will download anything.

You can find ideas from other site owners by checking out the plugin’s reviews. You should ensure that the plugin you choose will work with your version of WordPress so that problems will be prevented along the way.

WP In Post Ads
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DISCLAIMER: We don’t take any responsibility if any of the features and prices stated above have changed, we try to regularly update this advertising plugins comparison.