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BackupBuddy is a backup plugin on steroids, with many features to ensure your WordPress site always remains secure. It permits partial, customized, and complete backup and restoration of the site; allows for smooth cloning and migration; and offers several great options for remote cloud storage, along with several more critical features.

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Duplicator Pro


Duplicator Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to make the task of backing up or migrating your website effortless. Features like scheduled backups, re-installation without need for WordPress installation, file filtering, cloud storage, easy site duplication, and support for large sites, multisite networks and large databases add to its strength.

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BlogVault is a WordPress plugin designed to handle backup and security needs of your website. Automatic backups and scans, multiple backup locations, one-click restoration and migration, powerful malware detection and removal, along with innovative features like test restore and staging, ensure that your data is always protected from all risks.

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UpdraftPlus is a WordPress backup and restore plugin packing in a host of features to ensure data security. It is rich with options like manual versus scheduled backups, incremental versus full backups, and Updraft server storage versus remote cloud storage. Other features like database encryption and sophisticated reporting add extra power.

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WP Migrate DB Pro


WP Migrate DB Pro is a WordPress plugin to make database migrations easier, faster, and more manageable. It makes pushing and pulling of databases much simpler, allows backing up of data before migration, and enables complete control over the migration process, along with providing a range of other useful features.

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WP SuperBackup


WP SuperBackup is a WordPress plugin that makes it very easy to take manual or automatic scheduled backups of your website or migrate it from one location to another. A smooth dashboard to keep track of the process and several options to save the backed up data add to its strength.

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