Ad Changer Pro vs Ad Manager comparison

Irrespective of the sort of site you are running, managing your advertising space appropriately is extremely important. If not done right, configuring your ads can take a lot of your valuable time. The most convenient way to manage your advertising space is with a great advertising WordPress plugin.

Making advert management simple is the main goal of all advertising WordPress plugins, in spite of how distinct they might be from each other. With that being said, the differences between the plugins are really huge. Each of them offers its own combination of features to help you maximize your profit and save time and money working on your ads.

Some advertising plugins enables you to market and serve ads with autopilot sales, and/or eliminate middleman fee. You can find options that allow you to run 3rd party networks while running your personal ads, and much more. With these tools included, managing and selling advert space on your website can be simple, and you can have full control over everything. Let’s not forget to state what a relief it is once you stop depending on third-party sites.

PayPal integration is a part of many advertising WordPress plugins, and some of them are entirely autopilot systems, meaning your advertisement space gets automatically sold directly and there are no extra costs – which is something marketers appreciate. Multi-level pricing system is as well an option included with some advertising plugins allowing you to setup different price levels for various periods of time.

The easiest method to choose the best advertising plugin for your site is simply by comparing several of them. In the table below we’ve compared Ad Changer Pro and Ad Manager:

  • feature available
  • feature available as addon
  • feature not available
Ad Changer Pro Ad Manager
price $39 $85
user rating Not rated yet Not rated yet
licensing & support
GNU/GPL license
multi-site license
single-site license
trial available
annual payment
advertising features
ad rotation
AdBlock detection
built-in statistics
device specific ads
external ad networks
geo targeting
Google AdSense support
responsive ads
schedule ad campaigns
ad types
floating ads
HTML / JavaScript ads
popup ads
sidebar ads
video ads
management features
ad management
ad zone management
campaign management
other external integrations
Amazon S3
Google Analytics
misc. features
multisite support
go to the official
Ad Changer Pro
go to the official
Ad Manager

As shown in the comparison table above, out of 22 primary features for the advertising WordPress plugin category, Ad Changer Pro has 16, while Ad Manager has 14 of them. Though these are all recognized key features for this plugin category, making a choice should be based upon the precise features you think would be more effective for your site.

more information about Ad Changer Pro

You get 16 key features with Ad Changer Pro according to what is shown in the table above. The unique mixture of features in Ad Changer Pro could be considered as the best choice for your WordPress site, however do you find something important is missing? That’s for you to answer.

Ad Changer Pro costs $39 for one server site. The Remote Client addon comes in four packages: $19 for 1 remote site, $29 for 5 remote sites, $40 for 10 remotes sites, and $80 for 25 remote sites. The Customer Dashboard addon costs $29 for 1 remote site. Updates and support are available for 1 year, with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

An image speaks a thousand words, so we’ve gathered some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can have a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

more information about Ad Manager

There are 14 out of our highlighted 22 key features in Ad Manager based on the table above. It's distinctive interface and tools could be the best option for your site if it isn’t lacking something you have your heart set on. What do you think?

You can purchase the plugin as part of one of these three packages: Basic ($85, 3 domains license, 6 months access to updates and support), Standard ($100, 30 domains license, 6 months access to updates and support) and Advanced ($150, 30 domains license, 12 months access to updates and support).

All packages gives you access to 15+ premium WordPress plugins from 10Web, and 35+ premium plugin extensions.

An image speaks a thousand words, so we’ve gathered some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can have a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

…and here's the video! Watch it to get a feel for how Ad Manager really works. According to what you have seen, is it easy to navigate the interface? Are the tools arranged in a way you want? Everybody’s idea of the ‘perfect’ plugin is completely different.

some final words

The number and quality of advertising plugins are growing every single day. The sheer amount of plugins offered can be overwhelming to someone trying to build their site to be successful, eye-catching, and profitable.

There is no ‘correct answer’ when it comes to the best plugin. Every business model is different, and every site needs unique features. Every site owner brings his own personal preference into play. That's why we from WPwebshop are creating these comparison guides for you.

We suggest that you find out the features that are important to you, the ones that you would prefer to have, and the ones that don’t really matter to you. You can make your choice in the most informed way possible after that and maximize your chances to stand out from the crowd.

We don’t try to sway you one way or the other with the objective facts we have given you. You can get a good idea of how the plugins perform from the screenshots and videos we have added before you commit to download anything.

You should check out the plugin’s reviews for ideas provided by other website owners. Also remember to ensure that the plugin you decide on is compatible with your version of WordPress, to avoid issues further down the line.

Ad Changer Pro
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DISCLAIMER: While we update this comparison of advertising plugins regularly we can't guarantee the prices and features shown above are still correct and take no responsibility if they changed.