WP Migrate DB Pro vs Duplicator Pro comparison

If you run a WordPress site, you need to get a premium WordPress backup plugin as well. There are numerous outside factors that may destroy your website so you just can’t afford not to have a backup of everything, and not just any kind of backup, but a backup that easy to roll back to, even if you aren’t an expert.

Having a backup is necessary and backing up your data on a regular basis has to be part of your regular upkeep routine.

There are various premium WordPress backup plugins, and determining which one to buy should include considering several things: the amount of websites you own and run; do you wish to be in charge of everything as well as have the possibility of creating and editing your personal backup schedules; how detailed of a backup do you require.

No matter what your preferences are, you will definitely be able to find the perfect plugin for your site since the range is massive and there are several options for you to select from.

If perhaps you’re someone who’s into a simple interface including one restore option and maybe just a several more, you got it. But also, if you want something very complex with many different options and features, you can get a plugin that’s just like that, as well. Certain backup plugins for WordPress offers plenty of selections and many various backup data options. A number of them feature partial backup options so you can select precisely what you’d like to back up at any given moment, while others provide only standard or full backups.

In the table below we’ve compared WP Migrate DB Pro and Duplicator Pro:

  • feature available
  • feature available as addon
  • feature not available
WP Migrate DB Pro Duplicator Pro
price $99 $59
user rating Not rated yet Not rated yet
licensing & support
GNU/GPL license
money back guarantee
single-site license
annual payment
backup features
database search/replace
email notification
large database support
make automatic backups
make manual backups
multiple backup destinations
store backups as ZIP files
backup method
database-only backup
differential backup
exclude files / directories
files-only backup
full backup
realtime automatic backups
restore method
one-click restore
single file restore
external backup destinations
Amazon S3
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
cloning & migration
clone multisite
clone plugins, themes or settings
clone single website
migrate website to a new host
misc. features
GDPR compliance
multisite support
WP-CLI support
go to the official
WP Migrate DB Pro
go to the official
Duplicator Pro

WordPress backup & clone plugins can be very different from one another. As you have seen from the comparison table above, out of 29 main features for backup & clone plugins for WordPress, WP Migrate DB Pro has 20, while Duplicator Pro has 23. Verify which options and features are most significant to you and thus go with the plugin that has them.

more information about WP Migrate DB Pro

As displayed in the table above, WP Migrate DB Pro has 20 key features. The unique mixture of features in WP Migrate DB Pro could be considered as the best option for your WordPress site, however do you find something important is missing? It is you who can answer that question.

The plugin is available in four annual packages: Personal ($99, 1 site, 1 person supported), Side Hustle ($139, 4 sites, 1 person supported), Developer ($199, 30 sites, 1 person supported), and Studio ($599, 100 sites, up to 5 people supported). There is also an Enterprise package for unlimited sites and support for the entire organization, which requires a fee quote request.

Addons are available for the Developer package and above. Updates and email support are for a year for the annual packages. All packages come with a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ve gathered some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can get a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

If you have time, you should watch the video of WP Migrate DB Pro in action because it will give you an idea that the plugin is simple to use after all. Discover on your own if you like the way the plugin is laid out and if you find its look intuitive.

more information about Duplicator Pro

There are 23 out of our highlighted 29 key features in Duplicator Pro according the table above. Since it has a distinctive interface and tools, this can be viewed as the best choice for your site for as long it is not lacking something that you would like to have. What's your idea about this?

The plugin is available in 4 packages: Personal ($59 – 3 sites), Freelancer ($79 – 15 sites), Business ($119 – unlimited sites) and Gold ($349 – unlimited sites + lifetime updates). With the first three packages, you get 1 year of updates. All packages also include 1 year of support and a 60-day money back guarantee.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ve gathered some ‘behind the scenes’ screenshots so that you can get a preliminary feel for how this plugin looks to a user - the design, menus, and the tools it offers for a business owner.

…and here's the video! Watch it to get a feel for how Duplicator Pro works. Based on what you've seen, is it simple to navigate the interface? Do you find the tools arranged in a way you want? Everyone has a different idea of what a ‘perfect’ plugin is.

some final words

There's a continuous growth of the number and quality of backup & clone plugins every single day. There is a huge number of plugins offered out there, thus this can be overwhelming for those people who try to build a successful, attractive and profitable site.

There is no ‘correct answer’ when it comes to the perfect plugin. There are different business models out there, and there are special features that every website needs. Owners of websites follow their own preference. These comparison guides are designed by WPwebshop because of this.

We recommend that you identify the features that are important to you, the ones that you would prefer to have, and the ones that don’t really matter to you. You can make your choice in the most informed possible way after that and maximize your chances to stand out from the crowd.

We've given you the objective facts that you can consider, without trying to affect your choice. You can get a good idea of how the plugins perform from the screenshots and videos we have added before you commit to download anything.

You should check out the plugin’s reviews for opinions provided by other site owners. Also remember to ensure that the plugin you select is compatible with your version of WordPress, to prevent issues further down the line.

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DISCLAIMER: We don’t take any responsibility if some of the features and costs previously stated have changed, we try to regularly update this backup & clone plugins comparison.